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Recent content by BGsc202

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    Non-Exclusive Ajker Sampurna || February 15, 2017

    Thanks a lot.. It seems really interesting.. Thanks again for such a low credit..:Bp Fast 37:
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    Congratulations to our new moderators

    Congratulations to all of you:Bp Fast 23:
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    No More Magazine Cut | Create Collection of 10 stories at least

    Just right decision :Bp Fast 23:
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    Non-Exclusive Comics | Mishar Rahasya | Sunil Gangopadhyay, Sujog Bandyopadhyay

    This is the best system.. @banglapdf please try to consider this system. This way we can download only those book which we like to re-read in future.
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    Exclusive [Epub, Mobi] Commando || Rokib Hasan

    Tutorial for making EPUB is really good. Will try in future. thanks. :Bp Fast 23:
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    Exclusive [PDF,EPUB,MOBI] পথের পাঁচালী / Pather Panchali (No Credit Required)

    Onek dhonnobad dada. Khub valo quality. Onek din age porechilam abar porbo. :Bp Fast 69:
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    Exclusive Khun Kharabi Chand -খুন খারাবি চাঁদ

    Onek dhonnobad dada free te boi er jonno. :Bp Fast 37:Amar o mone hoi online e free te boi porar babostha kora uchit. Download korlei credit khoroch hobe.
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    Exclusive Dropper-ড্রপার

    Thank you dada.. credit chara share korar jonno ro dhonnobad :Bp Fast 69:
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    Exclusive Aajker Uttama || 2017 Nov || Cure by Common Vegetables [Scanned]

    Amar mone hoi monthly magazine hisabe 100 credit ektu besi. Download korte iche korche kintu credit nei. But apnak dhonnobad:Bp Fast 04:
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    Non-Exclusive Doiroth দ্বৈরথ ।| Humayun Ahmed (Typed)

    Thanks a lot:Bp Fast 69: aro boi er opekhai thakbo :Bp Fast 25:
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    Non-Exclusive Alauddin Khilji | আলাউদ্দিন খিলজী || Sree parabat

    Onek dhonnobad:D.. quality khub valo. Pore dekhi kemon uponas ta...
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    Banglapdf 2.0 | Update, Usage & Goodbye Inactive Users

    Amar ei notun prodhotita khub ekta valo lagche na. 1st reason credit pawar jonno unnecessaryly comment like korte hoche. Hoito saradin amar kono comment e valo lageni tao korte hobe? Amar mote comment e like korar ortho oi comment ta k support kora. 2nd reason kichu kichu uploader ami Jei...
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    Comics | Pagla Dashu | Sukumar Ray, Sujog Bandyopadhyay

    Onek dhonnobad. Ato valo Ekta boi r credit eto kom dilen bole aro dhonnobad.:Bp Fast 69:
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    Upcoming Books By Suvom

    Opekhai roilam dada. Kintu kichu dustu loker jonno je oneker Sasti holo.