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Recent content by Shihabka

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    Exclusive বাংলাদেশের রঙ্গ সমগ্র - শামসুজ্জামান খান

    Always keep a curious regarding old Dhaka. This book would be a great source to quench my thrust for knowing the old Dhaka city. Thanks for the book. & as I live in Sylhet I would be very much grateful if you upload a book about old Sylhet.
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    Exclusive আতঙ্ক [ছোট গল্প সংকলন - ভয়, রহস্য ও রোমাঞ্চ]

    A big & rare horror story collection I've ever seen in this forum... definitely a praise worthy job...thanks a lot to the uploader...Can't wait for reading the book..hope I'll get the link ASAP in my inbox...
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    Exclusive ভূত দশক [সম্পাদনা] ঊর্মি রায়

    Always love to read Ghost story... hope it'll be a nice one for enjoy the nights...& appreciated the author for making a system get the pdf by maintaining the condition..thanks a lot.. keep it up..
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    Exclusive Columbus Purba America (কলম্বাস পূর্ব আমেরিকা - মুছে দেওয়া সভ্যতার ইতিহাস)by Sumita Das

    Always curious to know about America & it's discoverer Columbus..Many thanks for giving me an opportunity to quench my thirst.. a warm congrats for creating a new system... it's really a remarkable & unique one...
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    Exclusive Rahasya Patrika || February_2019 || HQ

    Without any credit such a wonderful book I can read, can't express my gratefulness towards you and the quality of this book is also very much appreciable ...jajjakallah..
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    Exclusive [Comics] Jurassic Park | জুরাসিক পার্ক || (No Credits)

    Without credit .. incredible!! Thanks a lot for uploading this & giving us the opportunity reading this without any kind of credit .. :Bp Fast 25:
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    Shared Himadrikishore Dasgupta Adventure Samagra

    An awesome collection indeed..Just downloaded...now it's time to read:Bp Fast 42:
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    Exclusive Dhakai Rongo Rashikota ll ঢাকাই রঙ্গ রসিকতা

    I've some curiosity about Dhaka city & its interesting stories.. definitely this book will quench my thrist. .. thanks..
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    Exclusive Aro Rahasya | Ali Imam || আরো রহস্য - আলী ইমাম

    One of my favorite writers... Always love his books..specially mysterious type books..lucky to find a new book of him..thanks...
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    Heu Heu or The Monster | Henry Rider Haggard/Saiful Arefin Apu || Super HQ

    New book of Allan Quatermain! big size book with a full adventure expedition.. definitely will be a enjoyable one..
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    Exclusive Sahid Bhupati Sen Colony II Pracheta Gupta[

    In such low credit we can read this kind of social type novel! Incredible! thanks & can't wait to read it..
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    Exclusive Rahasya Patrika || January_2019 || HQ

    At last..! I was waiting for this book for a long time..I loged in to this site everyday & hoped to see this RP...Finally Uploaded .. thanks & love from my heart.. :Bp Fast 25:
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    Exclusive ওরে বাবা জ্বিন || Ore Baba Jinn

    so easy writing & cartoons r so cute...loving to read it...different test of reading..
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    Non-Exclusive কৃষ্ণার অভিযান - প্রভাবতী দেবী সরস্বতী || Krishnar Abhijan by Prabhaboti Devi Saraswati

    Main character is a lady!! incredible! & really unique book it is! Must be read..thanks for introducing such unique one..
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    Exclusive Kopa Shamsu (কোপা শামসু) ।। ফানুস কমিকস ।। No Credit

    comics by free credits.. wow..thanks fir nice presentation..

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